VintroGram: these are preset specially designed for Instagram enthusiasts, bloggers, and social media influencers who want to leverage and boost their social media portfolio with a strong character and color idealism.

These mobile and desktop lightroom presets mostly give yellow, gold, caramel brown, orange, teal, blue red pink, and color saturation looks. It is very versatile, you can use it for traveling-wanderlust-vacation theme, beach-tropical theme, food theme, fashion-ootd theme, mood portraiture theme, still life-minimalism-flatlay theme and etc.


A preset is a file that stores all the settings for processing a particular photo. With it, you can transfer these very settings to other photographs. And you can do it with just one click. In skillful hands, Lightroom presets are quite a powerful tool that greatly speeds up the processing of photographs. Therefore, many photographers constantly use them.

There are 30 Color Mobile Lr presets and 30 main color comes with Curve variation for desktop Lr Presets (30×2)  you can choose.


  • 30 Mobile Lightroom Presets ( *.DNG )
  • 60 (30×2) Desktop Lightroom Presets
  • Creative Profile-Based Presets (Profiles Amount Slider)
  • For Lightroom CC Classic 7.3 & latest  + Adobe Camera Raw 10.3+ 
  • For Lightroom CC & Mobile for Iphone & Android ( Free & Paid )
  • Still Compatible for Lr4& Lr 5& Lr 6& Lr CC Classic 7.2 ( *.lrtemplate )
  • Best For RAW & JPEG – Mac & Windows Compatible
  • Installation Guide

Photo editing software offers many options for processing your photos. Lightroom presets allow even novice photographers to get creative, experiment with different styles, and get creative with their editing.